Just a friendly reminder that the emergency on-call phone should only be contacted after-hours in emergency situations. For the health and well-being of our staff, we need to minimise the number of after-hours calls to this phone, particularly if they’re not urgent.

If you have an issue after office hours, try to call or message your scheduled shift (if you know it) and failing that, call either the early shift (before 10pm) or the late shift (after 10pm).

If you receive no response and the matter is urgent you should then call the emergency phone. Please leave any routine or non-urgent calls (for e.g. a roster change for later that week) for office hours instead.

Shift numbers are listed below. Thank you for your cooperation!

Night time shifts

Early (call between 6pm and 10pm) shift: 0412 187 087

Late (call after 10pm) shift: 0411 141 904

Mid shift: 0468 953 227

Bridging shift: 0412 303 230

Flexi shift: 0422 605 645

Western shift: 0413 046860

Day time shifts

Morning shift: 0416 644 817

Ant shift: 0435 932 064

Emergency after-hours phone: 0412 568 790