Temporary COVID-19 Price Adjustments

April 2, 2020

MACS COVID-19 Temporary Price Adjustments

In our continuing attempts to provide our staff and customers with the best protection possible in response to COVID-19, our operational expenses have increased significantly to meet increases in relation to PPE, staff training, and recruitment.

The NDIS recently announced a number changes to help ensure service providers continue to deliver supports throughout this pandemic. One measure was a temporary 10% price limit increase, otherwise know as the COVID-19 loading.

The good news is this price adjustment will be temporary, six months at the most.

The bad news is, at the time of writing, the NDIS isn’t going to index participant’s plans to accommodate these changes.

Attached is a letter to MACS customers about the price changes, as well as our new (temporary) fee schedule.

Customer-fee-changes-270320 (pdf, 192KB)

Schedule-of-fees-300320 (pdf, 458KB)

A copy of the updated NDIS support catalogue can be downloaded here (pdf, 1.9MB).


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